The northernmost village of the European Union

The peaceful Nuorgam

A group of people large enough to make up a small village lives in Finland’s northernmost corner. The people live from nature, tourism and cross-border trade. Nuorgam also has several shops that sell local reindeer meat. Alaköngäs, the most famous salmon fishing area on the Teno River, attracts both Finnish and international fishing enthusiasts to Nuorgam every year. 

In addition to being famous for it salmon, the Teno River is also an ancient transport route, which was used as a route of administration and commerce as early as in the 16th century. In order to transport larger loads, a route passing the Alaköngäs rapids was created. This detour is now a signposted historical path with a breathtaking view of the Tenojoki.

Nuorgam is a paradise for hikers. You can either explore the surroundings of the Pulmankijärvi, a lake formed of an ancient fjord in the Arctic Ocean, by yourself or in a safari organised by local companies all year round. The area has particularly rich flora and fauna and offers excellent opportunities for bird watching. Local companies also organize safaris from Nuorgam to Varangerfjorden by, for example, a snowmobile. 

Enjoy the magnificent landscape in Nuorgam by skiing on top of the fells, breathing the fresh air and indulging yourself with the unbroken silence of the wilderness.