Utsjoki village

at the foot of Ailigas Fell

Slow Down in Utsjoki

Welcome to the village centre of Utsjoki (Ochejohka), the northernmost municipality in Finland and the whole of the European Union. Nature is always present in Utsjoki. People fish all year round, right next to the village centre. The Tenojoki is a river famous for its salmon, and both up and downstream from the village is excellent for salmon anglers and rowers. The trout and arctic charr lure many a fisherman to the neighbouring fells in the winter. 

History whispers in the wind. You can visit the historically important Utsjoki church, vicarage and church cottages, St. Ulrika’s sacristy, the old cemetery and the yard on the shores of Mantojärvi. Enjoy the local atmosphere in Giisá village hall, where local people gather to chat in the café. The village hall also offers a selection of local handmade products for sale.

The wilderness calls out to you to relax. There is an extensive network of nature trails and hiking paths leaving from the Utsjoki village centre or its immediate vicinity. Enjoy the pristine nature and go for a walk – for a couple of hours or a couple of days. Should you so wish, you can be accompanied by a local guide who will tell you fascinating stories about the local nature and history, who will take care of orientation, equipment and provisions. Warm your feet by the fire, have a nice cup of hot tea or coffee and take a deep breath. Feel the stress melt away, far away. Explore Utsjoki!



Anna palautetta