Välimaa Saami farm

Old Sámi Farm by the river Teno

Välimaa Saami Farm

Välimaa Sámi Farm was built in 1866 on ancient fishing grounds by the River Teno. People on the farm fished and tended sheep in this magnificent setting. Today, the farmyard is an unique historical sight and a genuine piece of Sámi history, a relic of the old way of life in the rugged but beautiful natural setting of the extreme north of Finland. The timber and turf buildings of the old Sámi homestead, the valuable heritage environment of the farmyard.

The Välimaa River Sámi Farm is open to visitors free of charge. For further information about the Välimaa River Sámi Farm see:

The Välimaa River Sámi Farm is a fixed relic site, which may not be excavated, covered or damage in any way under the Antiquities Act. Campfires are also prohibited.


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