Day Trip to the Arctic Ocean

Spend a day at the the Arctic Ocean.

Many of our entrepreneurs offer guided tours to the Arctic Ocean. How about a king crab safari at the ocean and a sea food dinner at the end of the day, tasting the delicacies you catch yourself? While in Norway, we also recommend visiting the Sámi museum in Varangerbotn, the beautiful church of Nesseby and “Little Finland” Pykeijä.

If you’re looking for some excercise, how about a trek to Luovttat, a picturesque beach with beautiful round stones. We recommend taking something to eat with you and make a picnic at the beach. Please remember to take all your trash back to leave this beautiful spot clean. 

One of the musts in the area is swimming in the Arctic Ocean, no matter the season. Pykeijä is the place to do this if you wish to combine it with a sauna.