Teno River Valley Route - Explore Utsjoki

The most beautiful road in Finland takes you from Karigasniemi to Utsjoki and all the way to Nuorgam, the northernmost village in the EU. The best way to enjoy the route and the scenic views of the Teno River Valley is by cycle. If you want to change the perspective, you can ride a part of the way with a traditional Teno River Boat. After a day of cycling there’s nothing better than sauna, followed by a dinner under the Midnight Sun. As there’s a lot to see in all the three villages, we recommend taking a day off from cycling and hiking up one of three Áilegas fells, meeting the locals at a pub or renting a canoe for a day. When going by bike it’s also easy to pop in on the other side of the river to Norway or continue all the way to the Arctic Ocean.


Rugged fell landscapes, magnificent Teno River Valley and unique accommodation options make Utsjoki, situated at the heart of Sápmi, a place without comparison. Local hospitality has long traditions as Scottish Lords started traveling to the River Teno for fishing already in the first half of the 19th century. Ever since the area has attracted travelers seeking for wild arctic nature, the authentic far north and peace and quiet.

Teno River Valley route consists of  more than 140 kilometres (90 miles) of stunning views and it is suitable for beginners as well as more experienced cyclists. . The route is paved and there’s hardly any traffic especially between Karigasniemi and Utsjoki. The level of difficulty can be adjusted by increasing the number of overnight stays, choosing an e-bike or by taking a boat ride along the Teno River for part of the journey.

Accommodation is mostly situated in the villages of Karigasniemi, Nuorgam and Utsjoki but there are also some options available along the route. The options vary from hotels to luxury cabins and more traditional cottages, which all have the surrounding stunning views and nature in common.

To make the most of the experience, we recommend combining other activities with cycling. A guided fishing trip at a fell lake and cooking the catch of the day on an open fire is certainly something different. Or how about having a dinner in a traditional goahti while learning about Sámi culture? If you’re more of an adventurer, maybe you’d be tempted to canoe from Pulmankijärvi lake all the way to the Arctic Ocean. The Utsjoki church cottages and Välimaa Sámi farm offer a great way to familiarize yourself with the local history.

Bures boahtin Ohcejohkii! Welcome to Utsjoki!


Whether you’re looking for a hotel room, a cabin in the wilderness, a taxi driver or a dinner with three courses, you’ll find it here. 


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Here you can find more specific info on the route.


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Traveling from Karigasniemi to Nuorgam shouldn’t be done with haste. The route itself as well as the surroundings are full of places to explore, whether you’re looking for a day hike at the fells, some scenic waterfalls or historical sights.


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Experience the world’s northernmost ultra race!


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