Let us keep the environment clean! Utsjoki, Karigasniemi and Nuorgam all have a “Rinki” eco take-back point, to which you can bring the recyclable carton packages, glass packages and small metal items.  

Rinki eco take-back points in Nuorgam, Utsjoki and Karigasniemi

  • The Rinki take-back eco point in the Utsjoki village is located at Miessipolku 1, 99980 Utsjoki
  • The Rinki take-back eco point in the Karigasniemi village is located at Ylätenontie 24, 99950 Utsjoki
  • The Rinki take-back eco point in the Nuorgam village is located at Tenontörmä 16, 99980 Utsjoki

On the Kierratys,info (“Recycling info”) webpage you can find an up-to-date map on where the take-back eco points are located. 


Combustible Waste to Collection Containers

Combustible waste is collected to collection containers located in the context of properties, cabins and other residential buildings. Combustible waste is normal waste from housing. For now, for example plastic is put among combustible waste in Utsjoki. If you can take the plastics used with you and take them to the closest recycling point in Inari if you have other business there, that would be a good deed for the environment. 


For now, organic waste is recycled among the combustible waste if the property does not have its own composter. When hiking, the organic waste can also be put in the toilet.


“What you can carry into the nature you can also take away with you”

The sentence in the heading is probably known by most hikers. Let us adhere to this advice also when we go hiking in the Utsjoki region. 

You should minimise the amount of waste you carry prior to going on a trip by thinking what waste is produced by which product. For example, large cans take up more space than bags. If possible, pack your lunch in reusable boxes to minimise the waste you carry.


Emptying Spots of Motor Caravans in Utsjoki

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In Utsjoki, you can empty the toilet of your motor caravan in the septic tank drainage spot of the camping sites or a drainage spot maintained by the Road Administration.


Camping Sites with Septic Tank Emptying Facilities:

Camping Tenonrinne, Ylätenontie 55, 99950 Karigasniemi

Hotel Guossi, Ylätenontie 32, 99950 Karigasniemi

Camping Lapinkylä, Utsjoentie 14, 99980 Utsjoki

Nuorgamin Lomakeskus, Nuorgamintie 4401, 99990 Nuorgam

Nivajoen Camping, Alakönkääntie 28, 99990 Nuorgam

This sustainability website has been created as part of a project on Sustainable Tourism in Utsjoki. The project is supported by the European Regional Development Fund, the Regional Council of Lapland and the municipality of Utsjoki, the aim of which is to make Utsjoki an even more responsible travel destination and to steer the travellers to travel in a responsible.

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