Áilegas fell and Skálonjuovčča trail, Karigasniemi

Áilegas fell in Karigasniemi is a popular place for a day hike among both, locals and tourists. The highest peak is 620 metres high and called Láŋká. The view from the stop is spectacular, outlooking the Teno River Valley, part of the Paistunturi Wilderness area, Muotka fells and Anárjohka and Kárášjohka rivers.

You can either hike up Láŋká following the road to the top (around 5km from Karigasniemi village towards Kaamanen, N69°24’08.1″, E25°58’25.6) or by Skálonjuovčča trail, that leaves from Karigasniemi village, right behind Hotel Guossi. Following Skálonjuovčča to the top of Láŋká and back to Karigasniemi village is about 15 kilometres.

Climbing up a fell is quite demanding, and you should take warm clothes, snacks and beverages with you. If you meet reindeer or wild animals keep your distance. Please keep to the path and respect the beautiful arctic nature by leaving no trace of your visit.