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Let us enjoy the splendid scenery of Utsjoki in a sustainable way! The travel operators committed to the vision of sustainable tourism in Utsjoki (the signatories) share a common view of how and to what direction tourism in the Utsjoki region should be developed now and in the future. The aim of the vision is to strengthen and promote low carbon travel in the region as well as its safety and responsibility.

The objective of the vision of sustainable tourism is particularly to pay attention to and ensure the preservation of the Sámi culture and local lifestyle spanning generations. This is promoted by providing visitors with information on the issue, so both the travellers and the enterprisers understand the meaning of sustainability.

What does this vision of sustainable tourism in Utsjoki mean in practice? The objectives and goals of the vision may be roughly divided in three: 

  • The travel operators who have undersigned the vision are committed to promoting sustainable, low-carbon activities in their travel services. This may show in several ways for example in the activities offered or in the enterpriser’s purchases.
  • The preservation and promotion of Sámi culture and the genuine culture of the three villages of Utsjoki 
  • Experiencing the Arctic nature in a safe and sustainable manner. 

These three parts are all equally important and make up a whole, and the signatories wish to develop tourism in Utsjoki in this direction. The following sections explore these parts in more detail.

Transparency Key in All Tourism Operations

More and more travellers are interested in what concrete actions we can take to increase the sustainability of tourism. The signatories reply to this by committing to exposing the sustainability and low-carbon activities of their business in an open and transparent way. For example, the tourism products and services are produced responsibly and sustainably.

Kylätalo Sáivu - Karigasniemi - Explore Utsjoki

Spirit of Utsjoki: Traveller Obtains Genuine Experience of Three Villages of Utsjoki and Sámi Culture 

Are you aware that Utsjoki is composed of three villages: Utsjoki, Karigasniemi and Nuorgam? You should definitely visit them all, for they all have their unique experience to the traveller. Tourism is an important source of employment for all three villages. 

The same villages are people’s homes as well, so the vision of sustainable tourism in Utsjoki entails that the travellers understand the need of each person for privacy and seamless working of everyday life. Travellers should not disturb the local people’s everyday activities. Hence, it is possible to maintain the genuine spirit of Utsjoki. The aim of the vision is that each traveller coming to Utsjoki understands and receives information on what modern reindeer herding and Sámi culture are like.


Utsjoki - Saami Village

In Utsjoki, Everyone Can Experience Arctic Nature and Wilderness Sustainably and Safely

“Explore Without a Trace”: In Utsjoki, we enjoy the nature and experience things without leaving a trace. This is enabled for example by offering easy access to short-distance routes and designated routes to wilderness destinations. The tourists visiting Utsjoki are aware of sustainability and wish to act respecting local nature and culture. Informing the tourists has an important role: travellers are actively informed of sustainable ways to experience Utsjoki.

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This sustainability website has been created as part of a project on Sustainable Tourism in Utsjoki. The project is supported by the European Regional Development Fund, the Regional Council of Lapland and the municipality of Utsjoki, the aim of which is to make Utsjoki an even more responsible travel destination and to steer the travellers to travel in a responsible. More information on the project can be found here (in Finnish only).


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