The famous salmon river Teno


The first fly-fishing enthusiasts discovered the marvels of the river Teno in the 19th century, which can be considered
as the beginning of recreational fishing tourism in the largest and most beautiful salmon river in Europe. The various
forms of recreational fishing, such as lure angling and fly-fishing, are modern activities.

The Teno is a river famous for its salmon, and both up and downstream from the village is excellent for salmon anglers and rowers. The trout and arctic charr lure many  fishermen to the neighbouring fells in the winter.

The beautiful river valley makes the river Teno unforgettable scenary for your fishing. The midnight sun and the very clean water takes you the fishing moments of a lifetime. The Teno river is one of the best salmon rivers in Europe. Don’t forget that there are places for all kinds of fishing in Utsjoki area. For example river Utsjoki or the small lakes and streams. The Arctic Ocean is only a short drive from the villages of Utsjoki and no fishing licenses are needed there.

Fishing in Finland is regulated. For any fishing other than hook-and line -fishing or ice-fishing, anyone between the ages of 18 and 64 will need to pay a fisheries management fee ( and buy the appropriate fishing permit.

Anyone fishing on the River Tenojoki must pay a fisheries management fee and purchase a angling permit for the River Tenojoki ( at netstore, and then ask from a local tourism entrepreneurs to print the permit.

The parasite Gyrodactylus salaris has not yet spread to river Teno yet. Please see for more information.

The following fishing regulations from the 16th century are still valid:
1. Do not fish in private water areas without permission.
2. Remember that you are not the only fisher man around.
3. Do not break any fences.
4. If you open a gate, please close it behind you.
5. Do not fish for financial profit. Fish for the good health of your body and, in particular your soul.
6. Do not fish in large groups, as they do not allow you to enjoy fishing. Almost all forms of fishing require a permit or
the payment of a fee.

More information about fishing and the permits for the Utsjoki fishing area at:

11.For the licenses for the river Teno, please look at Teno river license shop:

2. You can find more about the fishing licenses for other areas in Utsjoki at here:


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