Midnight Sun

During the midnight sun period the sun doesn’t set at all. It makes the perfect holiday as there’s no need to know the time – it’s light all the time and you can hike, bathe or just relax in the sun throughout the night.

In Utsjoki the midnight sun period is the longest in the whole of Lapland – from mid May until the end of July. In May we often still have snow and sometimes you can still go cross-country skiing with the Sun up all night. As it turns to June, it begins to look more and more like summer and indeed, there’s nothing quite like a mild summer night and the soft light of the Midnight Sun. 

As it doesn’t get dark, you can engage in any kind of activity without worrying about the time. How about a guided canoeing trip in the middle of the night? Or some bird watching with the softest sunlight you’ve ever seen? If you’re hiking during the midnight sun period, it’s easy to go on all night.