Nuvvos-Áilegas is one of the three Áilegas fells in Utsjoki, situated between Utsjoki and Karigasniemi villages in Nuvvos. The fell is 535 meters high and with its steep sides it’s a stunning landmark. From the top you can admire the River Teno and the even higher fells on the Norwegian side of the border.

You should only go to Nuvvos-Áilegas during summer or autumn and preferably with a guide. There’s a narrow road leading up that is easy to follow but not marked. The walk from road Tenontie up the fell and back is approximately 12 kilometres. Please leave your car at the side of road Tenontie, as it’s not allowed to drive nor park on the gravel road.

Nuvvos-Áilegas, as well as the other two Áilegas fells, is sacred and should be treated with respect. Stay on the path and don’t leave any trash behind. If you see reindeer or any wild animals, don’t approach them.

Always remember to take warm clothes, mobile with a full battery, snacks and beverages with you. At the open fells the weather and visibility might change very quickly so you can never be too prepared. There’s a reindeer fence on the way – please remember to close the gate behind you.

Please don’t make open fire on the area. There’s also no toilet available.


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