The Utsjoki church cottages

The Utsjoki parish village

The Utsjoki parish village

The Utsjoki parish village consists of 14 huts dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries. The buildings are located on a beautiful spot on the shores of Lake Mantojärvi, 6km from the Utsjoki village along the number 75 highway.

The Utsjoki church cabins and the Utsjoki stone church are the most important cultural-historical sites in the Utsjoki region. The site has signs of early settlement dating back to the prehistoric era. In addition to hosting religious activities, the site has served as a marketplace for Sámi people.

The Utsjoki church was built upon the commission of Nicholas I of Russia in 1853. The vicar’s residency, built in the 1840s, is located close to the church. There are also several other old buildings around the vicarage.

The church cabins served as temporary lodging during major clerical events. The huts were owned by Sámi families and they were inhabited up to the 1930s during market days and church ceremonies. The Utsjoki church cabins can be considered as the former Utsjoki village centre.

During summer, guided tours are given at the outdoor museum. The parish huts play host to a café during the summer season. While you are there, enjoy a nice cup of coffee with a fresh waffle to support the Utsjoki parish missionary work. You can also purchase local handcrafts as souvenirs.