Unwind in Utsjoki

Relax and enjoy the silence

Can you remember the last time you were completely relaxed? Or, just sat on the porch doing nothing? We often fail to notice the beauty around us, the simple pleasures of life that are right there in front of us. You do not always need to travel to distant lands or invest a small fortune in new hobby equipment to be able to live life to the fullest.

Just grab your backpack, pack a nice lunch, put on your hiking shoes or hop on a bike. Remember to pack a chunk of dried reindeer meat as well! You can use your knife to carve small strips of it to pop into your mouth. If you have a fattier cut of meat, sharpen a wooden stick and roast the meat over a campfire. Food always tastes better when eaten outside.

Relax and enjoy the world of sounds surrounding you. Take a break by a river or a lake and sit down to fish for a while. Collect a handful of flat stones and see if you still remember how to make them skim off the surface of the water.

Hop into a rowboat. Enjoy the gentle splashing of water and the steady rhythm of the oars. Listen to the echoes of the sounds of nature under the Sámi Bridge.

Conquer a hill or a fell and breathe in the wide open spaces of the wilderness.

Heat up the sauna. Go for a swim and enjoy the fresh air, before diving back into the welcoming warmth. The relaxing heat will soothe your aching muscles, as well as your restless mind.

When the leaves start to turn red and yellow, it is time to go hiking in the forest. Marvel at the beauty of the bright ruska colours of autumn. 

When the cold winter arrives, throw yourself down into the snow and make a snow angel. Take your kick-sled for a spin or grab your skis and spend a few hours in the wild. Take a moment to admire the animal tracks you come across. How many can you find?

Here in Utsjoki it is peaceful, quiet and spacious for your mind to unwind and for you to relax in such a way you have never relaxed before. 

Anna palautetta