Utsjoki area as a filming location

Magnificent landscape and local culture

Utsjoki as a location for your next film?

Utsjoki offers an unique film location. Far away in the north the pure arctic nature is full of stories to be captured. The vast empty wilderness or the small villages have scenes that cannot be found anywhere else.

Ailo’s Journey is a family film telling about the story of Ailo the reindeer. His first year of life is full of nature’s wonders in the arctic landscape of Lapland. Big parts of the film were filmed in Utsjoki area. The film is a Finnish-French co-production between Borsalino Productions and MRP MatilaRöhr Productions and it was directed by Guillaume Maidatchevsky.

Arctic Circle is a Finnish-German production and it was partly filmed in Utsjoki area in the winter of 2017-2018.

Interesting in filming in Utsjoki area? Contact first the Finnish Lapland Film Commission for more information.

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