Arctic Time Trek

This picturesque route takes the trekker through downy birch forests and up to the breathtaking fell scenery of Utsjoki. Every metre at the path counts as million years in time, forward or backwards depending on which way you choose to walk.

Arctic Time Trek 14 km, Utsjoki

The route starts at the foot of Ánnáguravárri hill. It goes over Johtalanvárri hill to the top of Vuolleseavttetvárri fell, along the side of Heargevárri down to the church, and onwards to Nammájávri campsite in the Paistunturi wilderness area. There are also campfire sites along the way.


There are fifteen info posters spread along the route on the natural history of the universe, staring from today and ending in the ancient past. In addition, they provide insights on local Sámi mythology and culture.

The trail is relatively easy for a person of average fitness, although the rocky path has both uphill and downhill. At roughly 9 km there is a river crossing that can be crossed with pre-prepared wires. There are also other wet parts along the route, so remember to use proper waterproof trekking shoes!

More information and the map of the trail can be found here


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