Nature photography

Capture the colours of the arctic nature: the Polar Day and the opposite phenomenon, the Polar Night, twinkling with the Northern Lights.

In Nuorgam, the Northernmost point of the EU and Utsjoki municipality, the polar night lasts for 52 days. However, it is never completely dark all day, there are always a few hours of magical twilight: an experience in itself. The soft light of the sun from below the horizon creates blue and pink light on the snowy landscape and stunning colours on the sky. The light is constantly changing . After Christmas the amount of light increases day by day. The snow-covered wilderness forms the perfect landscape for beautiful shots.

Many photographers dream of the perfect picture of the northern lights. Situated at the extreme northern latitude of 70° North, and often having the perfect weather conditions, the Utsjoki area is one of the best places in the world to experience the Northern Lights. Capturing the perfect picture of the northern lights can be challenging but there are many professionals in the area offering guided northern lights tours.

Summer in the far North of Lapland has no shortage of light: the sun doesn’t set below the horizon at all.  This phenomena, known as the midnight sun or the polar day, means that the nights are as bright as the days. The golden hours of the polar day are spectacular for photography – and photography trips lasting through the night.

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