Áilegas fell, Utsjoki

Mighty Áilegas fell stands high next to Utsjoki village. This 342 metre high fell outlooks the Teno and Utsjoki River Valleys, Utsjoki village, parts of Kaldoaivi and Paistunturi Wilderness areas and the fells on the Norwegian side of the border. 

Àilegas if a perfect spot for a hike in summer or early autumn. You can either walk all the way up or drive up and take a stroll up at the fell. If you decide to drive up, you’ll need a permit to use the road. The permit can be purchased from Village House Giisá or using the QR-code at the start of road Ailikkaantie leading to the top. On your way to the top you’ll encounter a reindeer fence with a gate. Please remember to always close the gate behind you. 

Áilegas fell is home for many reindeer, please remember to keep your distance. Please keep to the paths to prevent the wear of the terrain but also to avoid stepping on any bird nests. Don’t pile stones and leave no trace of your visit to the fell. There are no trash cans up the fell nor a place to make fire – please don’t make fire and take all the trash you bring back with you.