Surrounded by beautiful wilderness

Biking in Utsjoki

Biking is a great way to explore Utsjoki. For mountain bikers, the wilderness areas offer trails for weeks in unbelievable wild scenery. If you prefer a bit more speed, the Teno river valley might just be the perfect choice. For someone preferring frosty conditions, take a fat bike up a fell to gaze the Northern lights.

Biking on paved roads

How about driving your racing bike along the most beautiful road in Finland? Starting from Karigasniemi, past small Sámi villages all the way to Utsjoki and Nuorgam, the road 970 offers magnificent views in the Teno River valley.  The high fells combined to the clear watered Teno is something to remember. If this ride, 145 kilometres in length, feels too short you can always continue all the way to the Arctic Ocean in Norway.

Here you can read more about the Teno River Valley Route.

Mountain biking

Utsjoki is a dream destination for mountain bikers and bikepackers. The trails can be quite demanding in places, but they lead to the most spectacular views.  The terrain makes the Utsjoki region a once-in-a-lifetime experience for mountain bikers.

The landscapes vary from peaceful river valleys to the open wilderness and high fells. There are many shorter MTB trails as well as longer trails of more than 100 km suitable for bikepacking. You can find the trails here and here.

In Utsjoki, the season for mountain biking begins in mid-June. Earlier in the year, there may still be snow in the fells and the ground may be wet and muddy. August and September are the best months for exploring the region from the back of a bike: the temperature is pleasant, the leaves are just starting to change colour and you will not be troubled by thick swarms of insects.

Fat biking

How about hopping on a fat bike to explore the snow-covered fells? Many of our local entrepreneurs rent fat bikes as it’s one of the best ways to explore the scenery in the winter.

The snow at the fells is often icy, making it easier to bike. During the Polar Night you can easily combine biking to a northern lights trip. Difficult to imagine a better way to spend an evening.