Snowshoeing and skiing

The most relaxing way to explore the winter landscape

Snowshoeing and Nordic skiing

Winter in Utsjoki is long and beautiful. Skiing and snowshoeing are the most relaxed ways to explore the beautiful fell landscapes. However, the arctic weather conditions can be harsh and unpredictable, so good equipment is a must and exploring with a guide is recommended. 

In Utsjoki area the first snow usually falls in October, sometimes even in September. A permanent snow cover is expected in November. April and May are still snowy months. There is often a bit of snow left even in early June. The vast wilderness, snowy trees and the fells of the tundra, create fairytale landscapes that are perfect  for outdoor activities all year round.  During Winter, a thick blanket of snow allows visitors to explore these wilderness areas by Nordic skiing, snowshoeing or perhaps freeriding. The safest and most relaxing way to explore the area with snowshoes or skis is with a local guide. Ask our entrepreneurs for smaller tours of some hours as well as for multi-day skiing trips in the wilderness areas and get to experience the full magnitude of the arctic nature. 

Nordic skiing on marked skiing tracks 

There are illuminated skiing tracks in Utsjoki (2,3 km) and Karigasniemi (3 km). Theres also a skiing track in Nuorgam (9,1 km), but without illumination. All the tracks are relatively easy and flat and therefore suitable for skiers of many skill levels. 

Fell skiing

The tracks left by snowmobiles and the tightly-packed snow of the fells bear the weight of skiers well, even outside the maintained ski trails. Skiing is permitted in the wilderness areas and you are allowed to ski from 16 October – 30 April throughout Kevo Strict Nature Reserve’s fell area as well.

In winter Utsjoki’s quiet wilderness areas offer an excellent destination for wilderness treks. The varying weather conditions and forces of nature in the inhospitable environment offer challenges and new situations even for experienced skiers. The area’s snowmobile tracks can help a skier when the snow elsewhere gives way underfoot due to sudden changes in weather conditions.


There are no marked snowshoe trails in the area. When the snow is packed tightly by the wind, it is easy to hike in snowshoes, but stream beds and other places where snow collects in drifts, can cause hikers to sink deep into the snow. Ask the locals for the best places nearby to go.