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In Utsjoki there are plenty of accommodation options, and you will surely find what you’re looking for, whether it’s a cottage, hotel, campsite, or luxury accommodation. Most lodging providers are small family-owned businesses, many of which are owned by the Sámi people. The map below shows how the accommodation providers are located along the route. Several lodging places also have restaurants where you can relax and indulge in delicious food at the end of a day of cycling. Buorre idja! Good night!


In Karigasniemi

Guossi – hotel rooms and apartments, restaurant, activities

Between Karigasniemi and Utsjoki

Seitalan matkailupalvelut – cottages and camping site, sauna (approx. 30km from Karigasniemi)

Wild Salmon Adventures – cottages, activities (approx. 60km from Karigasniemi)

Tenon Tunturituvat – cottages and cafe (approx. 75km from Karigasniemi)

In Utsjoki

Aurora Holidays – cottages, restaurant, activities

Camping Lapinkylä – cottages, apartments, camping site

Hotel Utsjoki – hotel rooms and apartments, restaurant, bar

Lomatärppi – cottages, activities

Lomakylä Valle – hotel rooms and cottages, restaurant, activities


Nights of Northern Lights – cottages, igloo, activities 

Nuorgamin Lomakeskus – cottages, apartments, wilderness cabin, caravan area, restaurant, activities 

70 North – cottages in the wilderness and by the Teno River, activities 

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Restaurants and shops

On Finland’s northernmost cycling route you don’t have to pedal hungry and there is a variety of options available, from local food to pizza. How about trying reindeer stew? Have you tasted Arctic char? Or maybe you’d like to experience the atmosphere at Annukka’s grill? The delicacies from the Arctic Ocean are also local specialties here.

Since grocery stores, cafes and restaurants are concentrated around the villages, cyclists should carry enough water and snacks for the transitions. Most accommodations offer a lunch package to take along on the ride.

Karigasniemi and Nuorgam have a K-Market, while Utsjoki has Uulan Säästö. The opening hours of the village grocery stores are slightly shorter than those in the south. Please note that not all accommodation providers and other services are open year-round. To avoid disappointment, it’s recommended to confirm the opening hours by calling them in advance.

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Bike rental and maintenance

The best bike choice for the Tenonlaakso route is a road or gravel bike, with the latter allowing for riding on gravel and sandy paths. Currently, in Utsjoki, only fat bikes are available for rent, which are excellent for conquering Áilegas peaks and Pulmankijärventie. Fat bikes are available for rent at Holiday Village Valle, Nuorgam Holiday Village, Nights of Northern Lights. Additionally, electric-assist fat bikes can be rented from Guossi, 70 North, Nuorgam Holiday Village, and Nights of Northern Lights.

Accommodations with the Welcome Cyclist sign provide basic tools for bike maintenance and washing. These include Holiday Village Valle, Lomatärppi, Aurora Holidays, and  Nuorgam Holiday Village. If you’re not confident in your own skills, bike maintenance services are offered at Eräkone in Utsjoki village and Holiday Village Valle.

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Transportation services

Do you need a ride from one village to another or transportation for your car or bike? Our taxi drivers are happy to help you. 

Antti Sujala: +358 400 545 199

Kari G.: +358 40 025 0220

Kenestuvan matkailukeskus: +358 400 344 545

Marja-Terttu Lassila-Guttorm: +358 400 166 638

Mikko Järvensivu: +358 400 144 9756

Raimo Esa Guttorm: +358 40 412 5540

Tilausliikenne E & O Guttorm: +358 40 412 5540

Tom-Erik Rasmus: +358 40 529 7385

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